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A prize for the small acts of peace that change the world -  
launching the International Peaceful Act Prize GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

‘Peaceful Acts’ can be put forward for consideration on the platform from 12 July to 30 September

An international jury will award the prize to the three best projects in a ceremony to be held in Milan and on-line in November 2021

Milan, 12 July 2021. The suburbs of the world are generating a new cultural spring that hides lots of little gestures and projects that able to trigger virtuous processes, tearing down walls and favouring paths to reconciliation and meeting. Initiatives that overcome racial or religious opposition, promoting integration and setting up social regeneration.

The International Peaceful Act Prize GIVE PEACE A CHANCE springs from the experience of the Peace Campus, which has involved the young people in the Gratosoglio area of Milan every year since 2015. Recognition that intends to favour the indication of these peace projects to highlight them and encourage copying them in other contexts. Complementary to the work of the Nobel Peace Prize, the aim of the initiative is to reward unknown people, the humble who often take their projects forward in silence, without realising that they’re changing the world with their virtuous conduct.   

Rather than an individual action, a Peaceful Act is a process, carried out in 2020, that favoured, triggered large or small peaceful acts, meaning the ability to prevent or settle situations of conflict between two or more people, two or more groups, two or more nations and two or more religions in any part of the world.

Anyone, wherever they live, can observe, discover, find, describe, document, record and, at the end, post actions, events and operations that occurred in 2020 on the platform, thus becoming a Peace Evangelist, i.e. the sponsor of the peace act. An international jury will award the prize to the three best Peaceful Acts in a ceremony to be held in Milan and on-line in November 2021.

Don Giovanni Salatino, co-creator of the initiative and Vicar with responsibility for Youth Ministry in the Parish of Gratosoglio, said, “The suburbs, often forgotten except for when their name is associated with unpleasant news, are a melting pot where people find themselves on the margin for various reasons. The experience of the Peace Campus has taught us that if these margins can talk to each other, a voice is given to those who think they can’t have one, if mutual meeting and exchange is favoured, these are essential for promoting social cohesion and turning the suburbs into places for cultural renaissance. We intend to highlight all the projects and people in the world who are working for this to happen.” 

Peaceful Acts can be put forward from 12 July to 30 September via the platform. The project can also be sustained by taking part in the GIVE PEACE A CHANCE - Peaceful Act Prize fundraising campaign.

The International Peaceful Act Prize GIVE PEACE A CHANCE is supported by His Excellency Monsignor Mario Delpini, Archbishop of Milan, the Istituto Missionario Comboniano (The Comboni Missionary Institute), Iscos Lombardia, Associazione Piccolo Principe, Associazione Care the People, and the Maria Madre della Chiesa and San Barnaba in Gratosoglio Pastoral Community. It is a Scholé project supported by Impresa Sociale Con I Bambini.

The International Peaceful Act Prize GIVE PEACE A CHANCE intends to trace and enhance all the peace projects that have been able to generate virtuous processes in the suburbs of the world to tear down walls and sustain paths of  reconciliation, overcome racial or religious opposition, promote integration and, lastly, outline social regeneration. The challenge is twofold - collection of the story and documentation on these processes by ordinary citizens who thus decide to become peace ambassadors-evangelists, and also highlight them and, as far as possible, set them up as models.

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