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International Peaceful Act Prize


It takes courage to make peace, much more than to make war (*).

The suburbs of the whole world, and even more so the European ones, have two aspects - they’re both the place for the generation of a cultural springtime or nothing less than an agglomeration forgotten by the 'centres' of power and, therefore, a place where problems can be hidden with, evidently, the delusion of being able to get away with it.

The International Peaceful Act Prize GIVE PEACE A CHANCE aims to retrace and valorise all those peace projects that have generated virtuous processes in the suburbs of the world to tear down walls and sustain reconciliation paths, overcoming racial or religious opposition, promoting integration and, in the end, setting up social regeneration.

The challenge is twofold - collect the story and documentation on these processes by ordinary citizens who thus decide to become peace ambassadors-evangelists, and also highlight them and, as far as possible, set them up as models.

A panel of people considered just will award prizes to three projects which comply fully with the rules of the Prize in a week of special events to be held in Milan next September.

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Help us to launch the first edition of the International Peaceful Act Prize with a donation and discover and reward the Peaceful Acts that have prevented or settled situations of conflict between people, groups, nations and religions in the world.

We will use the funds collected on Gofundme to organise, develop the platform, pay for the Peace Evangelists finalists journeys to Milan to present their proposals to the Panel of Experts, and promote the award with on- and off-line advertising.

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